Umpire Info



Here are the steps to follow, Teenage Umpires should follow these same steps:

Once league play starts, check your schedules and sign up ASAP to cover games!

    • Email the NWA League Umpire  (Larry Lindsey: texasgrad89@gmail.comRequest to Umpire Game
    • Access to Umpire schedule will be provided.
    • Identify the game(s) you want to work and add your name to the spreadsheet.
  • The NWA League Umpire will update the game schedule in coordination with the Scheduler.

RULES TO REMEMBER Click here for full list

Key Rule from LMKII Rule Book!


Interpretation: Lighten up and enjoy spending time with all these young ladies playing a sport that they love! It’s supposed to be about girls playing kickball and not about coaches, umpires or fans!!


Clinics are designed to help you better understand the rules and the umpiring process. Please check the Clinic Schedule for remaining sessions.

Check out the Umpire/Coach training videos on the LMK Corporation website


NWA Lightning Policy

As controllers of the game, umpires have a responsibility to be aware of dangerous conditions, especially lightning. If you see lightning, the storm is close enough to you that you should suspend play, since most sight lines around a given field are less than 5 miles. Storms can throw lightning up to 10 miles in front of and behind the leading edge of a storm, causing some people to feel the lightning “came out of the clear blue sky”. For this reason most leagues use a setting of 3-8 miles (15 seconds at a minimum between flash and sound) on the lightning indicator as the point at which play is halted by the umpire. Please make sure people in the stands are aware of your policies and can alert umpires to the danger. The umpire is usually concentrating on the game, and may not seen the first few strikes as a storm approaches, especially if it comes from behind the field (from the home plate side).We recommend you pull players off the field and have them wait until play resumes or is canceled in the safest location available at this point. In most cases that will be in their parents’ cars with the windows rolled up. If a building is the best available solution, players need to stay away from anything that pierces the exterior walls, like water lines, metal conduit, etc., to minimize the chance of being electrocuted if the building is struck. If a player is outside during a lightning storm and they feel the hair on their head stand on end (indicating lightning is about to strike), they should immediately crouch down on the balls of their feet, put their hands over their ears, and bend their head down. Make themselves as small a target as possible and minimize their contact with the ground. DO NOT LIE FLAT ON THE GROUND. When play is suspended by the umpire, usually for 15-30 minutes to wait to see what will happen, players (and their parents) should be instructed NOT to leave. When play is disrupted and players leave without notice, it can produce a situation where a child is inadvertently left at the field waiting for a ride which may be an hour or more in coming (the expected time of the end of the game) or, alternately, allowed to leave without any supervision or company. Please remind coaches to always make sure all children are picked up from the field before they leave themselves, and not to give rides to children unless they have specific permission to do so from the player’s parents, for the protection of all.