2022 Game Schedules

Season Game Schedule

Visiting Team: Provides field preparation and 3rd base umpire
Home Team: Provides scorekeeper and 1st base umpire
Note: Concessions Coverage and Directors of the Day Schedule is included
Version n.m where n = at least one game change and m = all other changes
NWA fields are referred to by either number or name, here is a key:
Field 1 = Senior     Field 2 = Teen     Field 3 = Rookie     Field 4 = Junior

Interleague Away Game Locations:
Central Austin (CAK)
1172 Chestnut Ave Austin, TX 78702

University Hills Optimist (UHO)
1815 Greenbrook Parkway, Austin, TX 78723
(the field closest to the intersection of Greenbrook Pkwy and Berkman Dr)

The schedule is updated often.
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