Good Neighbors

NWA Good Neighbor guidelines:

There are many exceptional things at NWA and our relationship with our neighbors is certainly among them. In an effort to continue fostering strong associations with the businesses, churches and schools around the NWA fields, NWA has established a “good neighbor” policy. We ask that you review the following “practices” and do your best to help us adhere to them.

School Property:
The NWA Fields are the property of AISD and Murchison Middle School. We lease the use of the fields from AISD and therefore must abide by the District’s rules and regulations regarding their use. Specifically there is No Smoking, No Alcohol and No Firearms, knives or weapons of any type allowed on AISD property. Additionally, parking is only allowed in designated parking spaces. There should be no parking along the red curb areas as this is reserved for Emergency Vehicles and there is no parking allowed on the grass. Violation of these regulations could result in a vehicle being ticketed or towed by AISD’s Police Department.

Neighboring Youth Sports Organizations:
There are a number of other youth sports organizations who also operate out of Murchison Middle School such as i9 Sports, Trojan Pop Warner and Trojan Youth Lacrosse. Like NWA, these organizations put a lot of financial and sweat equity into the upkeep of their fields. They have the first right to use them, just like NWA does with the kickball fields. As a League, we must be respectful of the leases they have with AISD. NWA Teams should stay off these fields.

Area Churches:
The churches around NWA and Northwest Hills have all been very supportive of NWA over the years, however, we have heard from a number of them that while they generally do not mind our use of their parking areas, we need to avoid these areas during their service times as this impacts their member’s access. Please be aware of any signage reserving these parking areas and avoid parking in them during the Church’s service time.

Local Businesses:
The businesses on and around Far West Boulevard and Murchison Middle School are avid supporters of NWA Kickball. Many have taken on actual sponsorship roles over the years by providing NWA with discounted products and financial support. While a number of them are closed for business in the evening during our games, several are open while our activities are taking place. Please be courteous with respect to use of their parking areas and to their patrons. Failure to respect their businesses and property could result in your vehicle being ticketed or towed.

NWA Sponsors:
Like most other youth sports organizations, NWA relies heavily on the financial support of our families and area businesses to help us remain one of the strongest kickball organizations in the state. The ongoing sponsorship of our league enables us to continue to provide a positive, safe environment for girls to play kickball and further allows us to give back to NWA families in the form of scholarships to our graduating high school seniors. We are grateful for the businesses and individuals who provide financial support for the League and encourage all NWA families to utilize these businesses whenever possible.