Get Involved!

At NWA Kickball, a night at the fields is usually a family affair. We are very appreciative of all our wonderful volunteers on and off the fields. Please know we rely on each family to get involved and volunteer for their daughter’s team. There are many  ways to get involved and it makes the season even more fun when you are involved! Please ask your coach or an NWA Board Member if you have any questions about volunteering.

Do you have a special talent or interest that isn’t listed here but could be a benefit to NWA Kickball? Please let us know at:

For your Team:

Head Coach and Assistant Coach: The Head Coach and Assistant Coach are in charge of all on-field activities and practices. The time commitment varies with the age of the team. Positive communication skills are needed when coaching the girls on the team, and communicating with families, other coaches, and the Board. Coaches workshops are offered at the beginning of the season. Coaches certification test is taken in March prior to the beginning of the season. NWA Kickball League Coach is available for support.

Team Parent: The Coaches always are grateful for the support of a Team Parent. Team Parents help distribute uniforms, keep track of and communicate the season practice and game schedules, as well as keep the parents informed of requests from coaches. Team Parents usually plan fun activities during the season such as: after game snack schedule, concession stand shift schedule, and the year-end team party. A Team Parent Clinic is offered prior to the beginning of the season.

Scorekeeper: Every home game requires a designated scorekeeper. Similar to baseball, a kickball scorebook is kept and the scoreboard is updated. Typically, one scorekeeper from each team sits behind home plate and they work together to keep the book and the scoreboard updated. A Scorekeeper clinic is offered prior to the beginning of the season.

Field Marker: Kickball fields are marked before the start of each game. There are specific measurements and distances to be followed for each age division. There will be Field Marker training sessions prior to the start of the season, which includes a handy printed sheet of measurements to follow.

Concession Stand: NWA Kickball has a great concession stand available during the season. Each team will be assigned certain evenings and times to work the concession stand. Families should consider volunteering for a shift in the concession stand, as well as one of the other volunteer opportunities on their team.

Team or League Umpire:  Considered the “best seat in the house” – it’s the closest you can be to the on field action without actually playing the game and far and away can be the best form of parent involvement.  The key to success of this critical function is to know the rules and be confident in making the calls.  2 roles exist: Team umpires – stationed at a base; and League umpires – generally more experienced and stationed behind home plate as the Umpire in Chief (entrusted to control the flow of the game).  League umpires do not generally work the plate during games which involve a family member, however Team umpires can.  All Umpires must pass a certification exam administered by the LMK Corporation or the NWA League.

For the NWA Kickball League:  Various Board Member positions are filled each year as well as special committee assignments. If you are interested in volunteering on the NWA Board, any Board Member would be happy to talk with you. You can find Board Members at the fields each night usually identifiable by their NWA Board Member Tshirt.